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I am a

Mastering the art of Stencils,

with a pursuit in taking urban walls from drab slabs to beautiful canvases. My stencils aim to evoke action from a static element. The subject matter I focus on varies, but tends to evoke nostalgia or movement.


Dancer Series on show with Artfront's Urban Inquiry

5 canvas dancers series is on view at the Newark Housing Authority's Training Recreation Education Center (TREC) located at 121 Ludlow St Newark NJ 07114.

My Works


Sistine Chapel

Ceiling Panels

A personal challenge to create large sized stencils representing Michelangelo's 9 panels that could be sprayed on a wall by one person.

The most popular panel was cut in 2015 and sprayed in an abandon train tunnel in early 2016. Plans for the Second panel are underway for early 2017.

Comic Heros

& Villians

Running series of various comic book superheroes and villians. This series breaks my one color for the stencil rule.

Tommie Smith

'68 Olympics

Recreation of 20th century iconic photos. Tommie Smith's stance at the olympic podium is a powerful symbol.

The challenge was adding in the educational aspect of the imagery into a composition that wouldn't subtract from the powerful solo figure. Tommie's head is framed within the black olympic ring and stands upon social media bar that lists the date of this moment.

Star Wars

street and canvas

Running series of small and large canvases of various star wars characters.

What started as small pieces that could fit the front of a t-shirt, this series has evolved to contain large scale stencils. From the classic to the newer movies, I try to create the iconic characters.

The Street pieces have been some of the most instagrammed shots I have had.

Bettie Page

Pinup Queen

My first stencil cut was of Bettie Page.

I just have a love of her pinup photos and try to translate specific ones that are just pure Bettie.

I have left at least one Bettie spray in the following cities : San Francisco, Austin, New Orleans, Chicago, Orlando, Miami, Brooklyn, Newark

Street Dancers

I love making stencils from dancers.

This is a collection of some of the dancer pieces I have left around in the Northeast


A small animal series depicting animal families


on canvas

An Ongoing series of dancers on canvas.

Some of these stencils are used on the street.


classic shots

Various american themed pieces that represent a military theme.


Various musicians made for street use and canvas commissions

Scifi & Fantasy

Various pieces from popculture Sci-fi and Fantasy movies and shows


& Historical Figures

Various pieces of celebrities and historical people of interest


Various miscellaneous pieces

Contact Me

For purchases and commissions.

Interested in a piece I have made or are you looking for something a bit more personal. I am available for commissions at a reasonable price. If you have interest in one of my canvases that I showcased above, then please list the name or a description in your message.