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I am a
stencil artist

With a passion for transforming dull urban walls into stunning canvases. Through my art, I strive to inspire action and movement in otherwise static spaces. My stencils cover a diverse range of subjects, often drawing on themes of nostalgia or motion. By mastering the art of stenciling, I hope to leave my mark on the urban landscape and breathe new life into overlooked public spaces.


Gardenship Studio Visit

Most of my unsold work resides at my studio in the Gardenship Collective. If interested, please reach out to schedule a studio visit to see available work.

My Works


Stencil Art

Various Canvases

Various canvases that I have done that are still available for purchase.

Linocut Block


During the Quarantine, I decided to relearn this skill. After some trial and error, I found combining watercoloring and stenciling to print blocks allowed to me to create standalone pieces that are each unique.

If interested in one of the prints, please contact me and identify the piece in question.

Comic Art


Taking my love of vintage comic art and updating them with modern idioms

If interested in one of the canvases, please contact me and identify the piece in question.


New skill I been learning for 2023 is the art of rug making. I have started by incorporating various origami design elements into pieces that can adorn floors.

Unique Prints

Hand made one of a kind

Each print is done on Arches Cold press paper and utilizes smaller stencils that are then colored in with graffiti markers.

HTV Clothes

Vinyl Designs

Fun with Heat Transfer Vinyl on Shirts or Jackets.

If interested in a custom piece, please contact me.

2021 Holiday Card

Popup Cards

Holiday card designed to be amusing for my Holiday mail list.

This card along with the popup elements, also had 10 second music clip that played on opening.

2022 Holiday Card

Popup Cards

Holiday card designed to be amusing for my Holiday mail list.

I wanted to have a kinetic element in this card that moved as you opened the card.

Street Art

Various stencils

Occassionally, I will stil drop a piece on the urban streets.

These are some pictures from different cities. Some may stil exist, and others may be gone. That is the ephemeral nature of street art.

Dancing on All Points

Commissioned Mural

Covering the front face of the All Points West Distillery in Newark, This piece was completed in the fall of 2022.

The mural utilized my rendition of machinery in the distillery, alongside Can-Can dancers. There were other elements included that alluded to how the distillery got it's name.

Murderess and More

Murals at the Gardenship

The Gardenship Collective where my studio resides offers me the opportunity to test various techniques on mural creation. The above are examples of pieces I have done to test out different methods to do large murals.

The Great One

Commissioned Mural

Commissioned by Que Pasa Studios to decorate the studio's entrance.

The mural is done to honor the legendary player, Roberto Clemente.

Hot Korner Sports

Various Murals

Hot Korner Sports has commissioned me several times to create various pieces that adorn their walls in their baseball training camp.

Jcast Columns

Mini Murals done for Jcast Event center

To beautify the raw space Jcast was using in 2019, Various artists were allowed to paint walls and columns. I opted to adorn the support columns of the space with various dancers.

JC Mural Fest 21

Various Murals

JC Mural festival 2021. Various walls I did.

Jersey Girl

Asbury Park Water Treatment Plant

Jersey Girl is one of 10 mural panels adorning the side of the Asbury Park Water treatment facility. This was completed in July of 2022


North Bergen, NJ

Progress was a collaborative wall with Artist Joe Waks done on an underpass in North Bergen. Project was completed in June 2022

Santa Muerte on the Ridge

Ridge Hotel, NYC

Santa Muerte adorned one of the curated walls on the Ridge Hotel for the months of September, October of 2022.

Contact Me

For purchases and commissions.

Interested in a piece I have made or are you looking for something a bit more personal. I am available for commissions at a reasonable price. If you have interest in one of my canvases that I showcased above, then please list the name or a description in your message.